Why You Should Not Bring Flowers to Your First Date

If there is one thing that romantic comedies have taught us about pursuing women, it is that they adore flowers. You give them a bouquet of roses or lilies, and she’s yours within five seconds. True, but in the real world, things rarely operate that way. I say “usually” because there is always one female who skews the statistics.

Anyway, every woman has at least once pondered why she did not receive flowers on the first date, and now we reveal the truth.

Here are some reasons why a man would not want to present his lady flowers.

First Date
  1. Flowers are a financial waste.

This is likely the most important and logical reason of all. Even the most modest bouquet could easily cost up to a hundred dollars, so why squander money on something that will be discarded within a couple of days when you could instead purchase upscale appetisers at the restaurant or at least increase your dating budget?

2. The use of snarky criticism.

This is a relatively uncommon cause, but it does occur. For example, on one of his previous dates, a man brought red roses, and the girl was unhappy because they were not tulips. Or perhaps she stated that he should not have brought her anything in the first place. How foolish you are!

  1. Direct and honest request.

If your date told you beforehand that she doesn’t want to see you with flowers, it’s a 50/50 ploy. Either she wants you to purchase her flowers or she truly does not. You must determine this on your own, but just to be safe, do not bring any. The worst-case scenario is that you honoured her request, and she should not complain.

4. Flowers are pointless.

They wilt in a couple of days, leaving behind only petals and regretful recollections of the date where you were compelled to carry that enormous bouquet of flowers all night. You may as well give her a colossal teddy bear. That was humorous. Never do such a thing on a first date!

  1. Conserve your cash.

Some call it avarice; I call it intelligence. And yes, technically it is about money again, but the situation is distinct. On a first date, you frequently have no indication what will occur on the second date or if there will be a second date. Don’t go all out unless you’re flush with cash. Nevertheless, why flowers?

6. Lacking genuine intent.

Numerous women view floral arrangements as an indication of strong emotions and even potential future plans. Leave these tasks until next week, please. Attempt to sort out your emotions, and only then demonstrate affection. And if you are not experiencing it, that will save you money!

  1. This is an ancient custom.

Do you desire to dwell in the past? If so, that is acceptable. It is your decision. If you’re still reading this article, you’re probably looking for a good reason not to bring flowers to your date, so I’ll give you one: in mediaeval times, when a man gave his chosen woman flowers, he expected something in return. That’s correct, they called it “a flower for a flower.” If your girl is unhappy that you did not give her roses, use this one. It always succeeds because no self-respecting woman would ever be interested in dating a man with immoral intentions.

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