Top 15 Most Beautiful Lebanese Women

There is no doubt that Lebanon is a country with some of the most beautiful women in the world. From actresses and models to beauty queens and social media influencers, these ladies are sure to leave you mesmerized!

1. Cynthia Samuel

Born: June 23, 1995

Nationality: Lebanese, Canadian

Occupation: Model, actress

Lebanese-Canadian model and actress Cynthia Samuel was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on June 23, 1995.

The attractive social media personality and previous winner of a beauty competition was named Miss Universe in 2015 while repping Lebanon. Her performances in Beirut City, Hell’s Gate, and Ma Fiyi, three Lebanese comedy series, are her most well-known credits.

She wed Palestinian actor Adam Bakri in September 2022 in a grandiose ceremony held in Cyprus.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Lebanese Women

2. Myriam Fares

Born: May 3, 1983

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Singer, dancer, actress, entertainer

The singer, dancer, actor, and entertainer Myriam Fares hails from Lebanon. The “Queen of the Stage” is another title given to her.

The first Arab music star to receive her own Netflix documentary, Myriam Fares: The Journey, is this Lebanon superstar. One of the most well-known Christian Arabs is she.

The excellent singer is well known for her amazing stage presence and energetic pop music. She is frequently likened to the Colombian/Lebanese music artist Shakira because of the way she dances and dresses.

3. Valerie Abou Chacra

Born: January 15, 1992

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Actress, Beauty Pageant titleholder

Actress and former Miss Lebanon Valerie Abou Chacra is from Lebanon. She was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on January 15, 1992.

The endearing actress was crowned Miss Lebanon in 2015 and later represented her nation in Miss World. She is most recognised for her part in Ma Fiyi, the most well-known and popular Arab television programme. She also appeared in Season 6 of Teen Wolf, a well-known American television programme.

She is also the creator of the nonprofit Justcarengo, which aids individuals with traumatic brain injuries.

4. Dana Halabi

Born: January 18, 1987

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Singer, actress

Dana Halabi, a young and stunning Lebanese singer and actress, was born in Kuwait on January 18, 1987.

The vocalist rose to fame in Lebanese pop music thanks to songs like “Ana Dana,” “Inta Meen,” and “Bos Alaya,” all of which were huge hits. She also appeared in the television programme Al-Heiba: The Harvest (2019).

One of the sexiest Arabic singers has been selected as her.

5. Haifa Wehbe

Born: March 10, 1972

Nationality: Lebanese, Egyptian

Occupation: Singer, actress, model

Lebanese-Egyptian singer, actress, and model Haifa Wehbe was born in South Governorate, Lebanon, on March 10, 1972.

At the age of sixteen, this beautiful, multitalented contestant was crowned Miss South Lebanon. Seven CDs have been made available, and in 2008, she made her acting debut in the Pepsi-produced movie Sea of Stars. Wehbe was also included in People Magazine’s 2006 list of the 50 Most Gorgeous Persons.

6. Rima Fakih

Born: September 22, 1985

Nationality: Lebanese, American

Occupation: Model, actress, philanthropist, former professional wrestler, Beauty Pageant titleholder

Born in Srifa, Lebanon, on September 22, 1985, Rima Fakih is a Lebanese-American model, actress, philanthropist, and former professional wrestler.

2010’s Miss America Fakih became the first Arab-American woman to win the title. That same year, she also took home the Miss Michigan crown. In 2018, she was appointed national director of the Miss Universe Organization in Lebanon.

She has collaborated with several organisations in Lebanon and the United States that help women and children as an advocate and philanthropist.

7. Perla Helou

Born: July 10, 1995

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Beauty Pageant Titleholder

Perla Helou, a Lebanese model and beauty queen, was born on July 10, 1995, in Baabda, Lebanon. She won the title of Miss Lebanon in 2017.

Helou represented Lebanon at the Miss World 2017 pageant, where she placed seventh in the People’s Choice category, fourth in the Multimedia category, and in the Top 40 overall out of 118 competitors. She supports this goal and believes in women’s emancipation.

8. Cyrine Abdelnour

Born: February 21, 1977

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Singer, actress, model

Popular Lebanese singer, actress, and model Cyrine Abdelnour was born in Abadiyeh, Lebanon, on February 21, 1977.

She launched her debut album of music in 2004. She launched her second album in 2006, which featured the top-charting song of the year, “Law Bas Fi Aini,” as its lead single. She has also appeared in a number of Arabic television shows, and she has won four Murex D’Or Awards for outstanding Lebanese actress.

9. Yasmina Zaytoun

Born: October 26, 2002

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Beauty Pageant Titleholder

On October 26, 2002, Yasmina Ismail Zaytoun was born in Tyre, Lebanon. She won the Miss Universe 2022 title and represents Lebanon in beauty pageants.

With Yasmina Show, an educational programme hosted by Zaytoun, debuted in 2021. She started her pageantry career in 2022 after being chosen to represent the Hasbaya district at the Miss Lebanon 2022 competition.

She battled for the title against sixteen other applicants, made it to the top nine, then the top five, and was ultimately declared the winner.

10. Darine Hamze

Born: July 5, 1979

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Actress, director, producer

Darine Hamze was born on July 5, 1979, in Beirut, Lebanon. She is a Lebanese actress, producer, and director.

Since 2001, Hamze has worked in theatre, television, and film throughout the Middle East and Europe. She is one of the region’s highest-paid actors.

She has acted in a number of hugely successful domestic and foreign films, and in 2017 she took home the Best Actress prize at the Oran International Film Festival for the movie Nuts.

11. Najwa Karam

Born: February 26, 1966

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Singer, producer, songwriter

Karam made her judging debut on Arabs Got Talent in 2011, and she has since participated on all six of the show’s seasons.

Najwa Karam is a multi-platinum-selling singer, composer, and fashion icon from Lebanon. She was born on February 26, 1966, in Lebanon Arabic. Karam, known as Shams el-Ghinnieh (“The Sun of Song”), is renowned for her potent Mawwal vocal prowess. Her distinctive blending of traditional Lebanese music and modern sounds has helped her achieve a global audience and disseminate the Lebanese dialect in Arabic music. tens of millions of recordings have been sold.

One of the best-selling Arabic-language artists, Najwa Karam achieved her peak album sales in the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2008. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined, Karam has approximately 40 million followers as of 2023. The Forbes 50 Over 50: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa 2023 list includes Karam. She still gives frequent performances both domestically and abroad in the Arab world.

12. Huda Kattan

Born: October 2, 1983

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur

One of four children, Huda Kattan was born in Oklahoma City on October 2, 1983. Both of her parents were born in Iraq. Afterwards, the family relocated to Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and subsequently Cookeville, Tennessee. Finance was Kattan’s area of study at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Kattan and her father relocated to Dubai in 2006 as a result of him accepting a teaching position there. Then, Kattan relocated to Los Angeles and began studying makeup. Celebrities like Nicole Richie and Eva Longoria were among her patrons. After that, Kattan went back to Dubai and started working as a makeup artist for Revlon. On the recommendation of one of her sisters, Kattan launched the “Huda Beauty” WordPress blog in April 2010, where she would share makeup lessons and advice.

13. Mona Eltahawy

Born: August 1, 1967

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: journalist and social commentator

Eltahawy was born in Egypt’s Port Said. When she was 7 years old, her family moved to the UK; at age 15, they relocated to Saudi Arabia. She received her bachelor’s degree from the American University in Cairo in 1990, and in 1992, she graduated with a master’s degree in mass communication with a journalism specialisation.

Eltahawy worked as a news reporter for the Reuters News Agency in Cairo and Jerusalem throughout the 1990s. For The Guardian, the International Herald-Tribune, The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, and The New York Times, she has written news and opinion pieces. She began publishing a newsletter on Substack, Feminist Giant, in September 2020.

She arrived in the country in 2000, and in 2011 she was granted citizenship.

14. Nicole Saba

Born: June 26, 1974

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: Singer, actress

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Saba replaced Rola Bahnam as a member of the Lebanese pop trio The 4 Cats from 1998 to 2001. The 4 Cats and Saba collaborated on two albums (Tic-Tick and Layl Nhar), four music videos (Yanassini, Kan Ezaman, Layl Nhar, and Mab2a Eida), and a LUX Shower Gel commercial.

Following that, Saba started a solo singing and acting career. Her first film was out in 2003, and her debut album was published in 2004. She has now taken on more roles in Egyptian movies.

She received the 2004 Sayidaty magazine Best Singer Award.

With her song “Hafdal Ahlam,” Saba won the North Vision Music Contest in 2014, representing Lebanon.

15. Mayssa Karaa

Born: August 27, 1989

Nationality: Lebanese

Occupation: singer-songwriter 

Lebanese American singer-songwriter Mayssa Karaa, commonly known professionally as Mayssa (born in Beirut, Lebanon), is living in Los Angeles, California. On the American Hustle soundtrack, she provided the lead vocals on the Arabic rendition of “White Rabbit,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2015 for “Best Compilation Soundtrack” for Visual Media.

Her song “Hayati,” which is featured on the soundtrack of the Indian movie Chekka Chivantha Vaanam and was created by Oscar winner AR Rahman, peaked at No. 1 on Apple Music India (directed by Mani Ratnam).

In June 2019, she released “Call Me a Stranger,” the lead single and music video from her full-length English solo debut, Simple Cure.

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