There are five girls-with-food accounts that you just must check out.

Snackwave is a fad that began a few years ago with the intention of celebrating junk food as a contrast to the unhealthy media fixation with the healthy eating culture-turned-religion. However, over the course of those few years, “snackwave” has evolved into an alternative popular culture in its own right. It should come as no surprise that a large number of female Instagram users who aren’t embarrassed by the public display of affection with fast food have jumped on board with this trend and have begun uploading selfies on the social network featuring themselves with carbs. Nevertheless, this demonstration against “health madness” evolved into a contentious issue to be discussed. There are those on the internet who believe that Snackwave is a statement against the gluten-free diet and an exploration of the fun side of snacking, and there are those on the internet who believe that it is insulting that skinny beautiful women stuff their faces with glutenous food to create social media buzz in a world that is plagued by obesity. Snackwave has split the Internet community down the middle.

five girls-with-food

Indeed, the discussion surrounding fast food never seems to end. Our metabolisms and eating habits are distinct, and the ways in which we interact with our bodies are also unique to each of us. However, it should not be denied that snacking is an essential component of contemporary living. It is plainly fetishized in popular culture, and it is possible for people to both like and despise it.

The following is a list of five Instagram accounts and one social media profile written in Russian that feature women who (apparently) do not give a damn about eating unhealthy cuisine. Even though they are intended at various audiences and have distinct objectives, each of them unquestionably captures the shift that has occurred in the zeitgeist.

This popular account showcases young women with perfect bodies who aren’t scared to show the world that they aren’t ashamed of indulging in their guilty pleasure of eating fast food and posting pictures of themselves doing so. In a nation where the obesity rate is forty percent, this slender-models-eating-fatty-foods account has been called an example of outrageous junk-food propaganda. Despite this, the account’s forty-five thousand followers appear to be excited to drool over beautiful people gorging themselves on unhealthy treats such as cinnamon rolls, pasta, and doughnuts. This has caused an uproar among those who advocate for a healthy diet.

If Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had Instagram, he would absolutely follow this account because it showcases a range of stunning women eating on slices of delectable pizza pies. If he did have Instagram, he would definitely follow this account. Marta Freedman, the woman who is responsible for creating this goofy account, is the one who snaps Polaroids of her wonderful clients demonstrating their affection for pizza. She shoots a picture for Instagram by placing the developed photograph atop a slice of pie and clicking the shutter. As a result, she blends two polar characteristics, namely the digital and the analogue, as well as the beautiful and the filthy.

The term “food eroticism” is a good one to use when describing Sarah Bahdah’s writing style. The Australian photographer sends images to her Instagram account of gorgeous semi-naked models posing suggestively with various fast food items like pizza, donuts, fries, or cheeseburgers that are used to cover over the models’ naughty parts. The pictures are posted by the photographer on Instagram. The end product appears to be mouthwateringly excellent in every sense of the term.

Is there room for one more account in which models pose with food? It’s not quite the same, to tell you the truth. This account is run by a woman who prefers to remain anonymous. She searches the internet for photographs of regular or famously thin women who are said to be acting as if they are eating the unhealthy, sugar-coated and glutenous food that they are posing with. Over 142 thousand followers appear to share the opinion that girls with flawlessly toned bodies are merely pretending to be obsessed with delicious sweets and fatty snacks in order to gain attention.

The current trending sexual image on websites accessible to Russian speakers is young, attractive women and teenage girls striking seductive poses while clutching doner kebabs, sometimes referred to as schawarma. On VKontakte, the largest social networking platform for Russian-speaking users, there is a group that is called “Pretty Girls And Schawarma,” and a lot of girls and their partners upload images to this group that look like these. Over the past few years, this Turkish snack has seen significant growth in popularity in countries that were comprised the Soviet Union. It has become the post-Soviet equivalent of the cheeseburger in terms of both its unhealthiness and its ease of preparation. Because of this, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to fetishize this junk food, as it is obvious that eating schawarma is a playfully naughty way to hold something phallic to one’s mouth and share it on social media. This is why it was just a matter of time before someone decided to fetishize this junk food.

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