The Inspiring Story of the First British Asian Plus-Size Model Bishamber Das

Once upon a time, models had to virtually starve themselves to succeed in the industry. Thankfully, those days are largely over as a result of campaigns advocating body positivity. However, while plus-size models are becoming more common, they are still predominantly White. This is what makes Bishamber Das, 34, so special. Das, the daughter of Indian Punjabi and Malaysian parents, hopes her success will pave the way for other south Asians who wish to contribute to the modelling industry’s diversity. Bishamber embraces her blended identity and integrates her culture and ancestry into her modelling career. However, she does not intend to rely solely on her appearance; she holds degrees in law and criminology and speaks five languages.

Bishamber Das

Attempting to Foster Diversity

It is difficult to be an Asian influencer when the majority of models are white. How does Das handle the responsibility of being the first Asian plus-size model, and what are the benefits? She has stated in interviews that she loves what she does because it allows her to both promote positivity and combat body shaming, particularly in locations where people are unfamiliar with plus size modelling. There are two things that particularly frustrate her. First, all of the prominent brands assert that they value diversity and inclusivity, but the “evidence” is one or two Black models representing their brand. Second, they never seem to include South Asians in their campaigns, demonstrating the need for additional effort.

Personal Struggles

She also mentioned the negative impact the obsession with unattainable beauty standards has had on her own life. The songs on the radio and the videos on YouTube discuss the female body in terms of the importance of having a large bust and a thin midsection. International advertising places a premium on blue eyes and blonde tresses. Das claims that the value placed on being extremely thin had such a detrimental influence on her that she felt worthless and even considered suicide. She only disclosed her struggles relatively recently. She believes it is her responsibility to ensure that no one, whether young or old, male or female, plus size or not, feels they have nothing to offer society. Over time, the Asian community has come to accept and embrace her, which gives her solace.

Groundbreaking Achievements

Bishamber has already accomplished a number of remarkable feats. Even though she had no modelling experience, she placed second in her first beauty pageant, representing the United Kingdom as the only plus-size woman competing against contestants from nine European nations. This was a pivotal event in Das’s life. She discovered her life’s purpose, which is to speak for those who felt they had no voice. She desires that young people disregard those who dictate how they should appear. Instead, your emotions are the only thing that matters.

Consider Mind, Body, and Spirit

Bishamber is not attempting to imply that she has all the answers when it comes to advancing the body positive campaign, but she is aware that when other south Asians look at her, they realise that they, too, can be successful in the modelling industry and beyond. Accepting who you are is the first step in discovering your life’s purpose, and individuals like Das demonstrate that nothing is impossible. What makes a society attractive is ultimately our positive energy and our treatment of others. Consequently, if you aspire to follow in her footsteps, you must devote equal time to your mind and spirit as well as your healthy body.

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