Sanjay Singh was detained by police in connection with the suicide of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey

In Varanasi, Akanksha Dubey’s hotel room contained her body. A CBI probe has now been demanded by her family members. Police have now detained co-defendant Sanjay Singh after Samar Singh.

Sanjay Singh

Now making headlines is the passing of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey. The 25-year-old actress committed suicide on March 26, 2023. While filming Laik Hoon Main Nalaik Nahin in Varanasi, she was found dead inside her hotel room. There was no suicide note in her hotel room. Samar Singh was recently detained in relation to Akanksha Dubey’s suicide. The police have now apprehended co-accused Sanjay Singh in the most recent development.

Sanjay Singh, who is he?

For those who don’t know, Sanjay Singh and Samar Singh have been missing ever since the passing of Akanksha Dubey. On April 7, police in Ghaziabad captured Samar Singh. Police have previously detained another co-accused, Sanjay Singh.Both people in the Akanksha Dubey case have been accused of aiding suicide. Sanjay Singh was captured on Wednesday, April 12 in the late evening at Varanasi’s Goithaha underpass during a joint operation by the Sarnath police and the crime department.

Akanksha Dubey’s mother, Madhu Dubey, assigned two people responsibility for her daughter’s passing. The mother of Akanksha has charged Samar Singh and Sanjay Singh with killing her daughter. She claimed that on March 21 Samar Singh’s brother Sanjay Singh had phoned the actress and threatened to kill Akanksha Dubey.

About the case of Akanksha Dubey:

Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey was in Varanasi for a movie shoot. The actress checked at the Sarnath Hotel following the filming. Her hotel room was where her body was found. A few hours before she killed herself, the actress broadcast live on Instagram. According to accounts, Akanksha sobbed uncontrollably during the Instagram live broadcast. It’s unclear what led to her mental breakdown. Only a few hours had passed since the actress’ official release of her music video with Pawan Singh. Social internet users posted videos of her sobbing during the Instagram live.

Her stomach was empty of any food or liquid, according to the post-mortem report. She wasn’t intoxicated, and alcohol use wasn’t hinted at. But 20 cc of an odd, black material were found in her stomach. Additionally, the stomach’s mucous membrane was clogged. It’s also possible that strong materials caused the mucous membrane to become plugged. She also had ruined marks on her wrist. What was the liquid found inside the actress’ body, and was it to blame for her choking on her stomach mucous membrane? That is the topic at hand.

The actress reportedly took a career break in 2018 due to despair, according to a news article. She just recently came back. She later said that her mother had helped her through a trying moment in her life.

In Bhojpuri movies, Akanksha was a well-known character. At the age of 17, she made her acting debut in the movie Meri Jung Mera Faisla. She has also acted in movies like Kasam Paida Karne KI 2, Veeron Ke Veer, Fighter King, and Mujhse Shadi Karogi (Bhojpuri).

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