Malaika Arora’s raunchy dance routines on Chaiyya Chaiyya at boyfriend Arjun Kapoor’s birthday party have been criticised – WATCH THEM HERE!

Today marks Arjun Kapoor’s 38th birthday. A video of the actor’s longtime girlfriend, Malaika Arora, dancing her heart out to Chaiyya Chaiyya during his birthday event has gone popular on social media. The footage was captured at the party. The actress is receiving criticism on the internet for ‘dancing awkwardly.’

Malaika Arora's

The sweet and cute couple moments that Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora share on social media are making their fans go absolutely crazy, and they just can’t get enough. The couple always looks adorable together, whether they are making public appearances at events or spending time with their families. And the day before, on the occasion of lover Arjun Kapoor’s 38th birthday, ladylove Malaika was seen at his flat, looking stunning in an outfit consisting of a white maxi dress paired with a red maxi set. Even though it was raining in Mumbai, she did not let the weather dampen her enthusiasm as she was photographed on her way to his flat at night. Even Arjun Kapoor’s younger sister, Anshula, was found a short while later on.

Since the moment that Malaika and Arjun made their relationship public, they have continuously been the targets of trolling online. Arjun had only just recently criticised a media report from November 2022 for spreading a fake tale that claimed Malaika was pregnant with his child despite the fact that the story was only partially developed when it was first published. According to the news source, the pair allegedly made the decision to reveal and inform their close friends and family members about their pregnancy while they were on their trip to London in October of 2022. Arjun described how profound an impact it made on him.

A video of Malaika Arora dancing her heart out during the birthday bash of beau Arjun Kapoor hosted at his home in Mumbai went viral on Instagram, and this is what people are talking about when they talk about this intimate and private birthday party. The actress and Bollywood diva is wearing a white and red maxi dress and dancing to her famous song Chaiyya Chaiyya while looking absolutely lovely. Her dance moves are silky and velvety, and she is showing off her smooth and velvety moves. Take a look at this video that has gone viral:

People on social media and on the internet did not appear to be delighted with her dance moves when she performed at the birthday bash of the Bollywood star and boyfriend Arjun Kapoor in Mumbai. They criticised Malaika for being “desperate” for clout and attention, and they called her out on it. An individual user remarked, “She is so desperately sad. Used to be a very attractive woman.” Someone else chimed in, saying, “She is dancing in such an odd way.” A third person commented on the thread, saying, “Main v ek auntie type gurlfrd deserve krta hu jo meri birthday bash pe dance kre.” A user teasing her remarked, “Are bas laro #malaikaarorakhan yeh umar mai lachak bhar gayi naa nhi niklegi.” Another one of them remarked, “Aunty, your wheelchair is ready and waiting for you.”

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