Katharine Walker Photos!

Katharine Walker Photos

Katharine Walker Photos: Katharine Walker is a sexy, bold, hot and dazzling model, nurse, radio presenter and beauty queen from Ireland. Katharine Walker holds a bachelor’s degree in children nursing. Katharine Walker’s complete name is Katharine Sara Walker. Katharine Walker’s birth place is Belfast, Northern Ireland. Katharine Walker holds the title of Miss Universe Ireland 2021 and Miss Northern Ireland 2018. Katharine Walker also competed at Miss Universe 2021 but was unplaced.

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What is the Marital Status of Katharine Sara Walker? Who is Katharine Sara Walker’s Husband?

Katharine Walker’s marital status is probably single.

What is Katharine Sara Walker’s Age and Katharine Sara Walker’s Date of Birth?

Katharine Walker is 27 years old. Katharine Walker’s date of birth is 30 October 1994.

What is Katharine Sara Walker’s height?

Katharine Walker’s height is 5’7″.

What is Katharine Sara Walker’s Annual Income?

Katharine Walker’s annual income is approx. $1-$5 million.

Grianghraif Katharine Walker: Is samhail sexy, trom, te agus dazzling í Katharine Walker, altra, láithreoir raidió agus banríon áilleacht na hÉireann. Tá céim bhaitsiléara ag Katharine Walker in altranas leanaí. Is í Katharine Sara Walker ainm iomlán Kharharine Walker. Is í Béal Feirste, Tuaisceart Éireann, áit bhreithe Katharine Walker. Tá an teideal Miss Universe Ireland 2021 agus Miss Northern Ireland 2018. ag Katharine Walker san iomaíocht ag Miss Universe 2021 ach bhí sí gan áit.

This Irish translation is done using Google translator, apologies for inadvertent mistakes.

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