Jisoo Photos!

Jisoo Photos

Jisoo Photos: Kim Ji-soo who is popularly known as Jisoo is a gorgeous, talented and well known South Korean singer, actress and social media personality. Jisoo is 27 years old, her date of birth is 3 January 1995 and her birth place is Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The versatile girl can fluently speak in Chinese, English, and Japanese. Moreover, Jisoo has 53.6 million followers on Instagram.

지수 사진: 지수로 널리 알려진 Kim Jisoo는 훌륭하고 재능 있고 잘 알려진 한국 가수, 배우 및 소셜 미디어 인물입니다. 오늘 지수는 27번째 생일을 맞이합니다. 생년월일은 1995년 1월 3일이고 출생지는 대한민국 경기도 군포입니다. 다재다능한 소녀는 중국어, 영어, 일본어를 유창하게 구사합니다. 또한 지수의 인스타그램 팔로워는 5360만 명이다.

(This Korean translation is done using Google translator, apologies for inadvertent mistakes)

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What is the Marital Status of Jisoo? Who is Jisoo’s Husband?

Jisoo is single.

What is Jisoo’s Age and Jisoo’s Date of Birth?

Jisoo is 27 years old, Jisoo DOB is 3 January 1995.

What is Jisoo’s Height?

Jisoo’s height is 5ft 5in.

What is Jisoo’s Annual Income?

Jisoo’s annual income is more that $20.

Let’s have a look at Jisoo Photos

Jisoo’s cute Photo

Jisoo’s lovely Photo


Jisoo’s smiling Photo

Jisoo’s hot Photo


Jisoo’s sexy Photo



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