It’s fantastic that plus-size fashionistas are expanding their horizons to include other countries.

The fact that plus-size fashion is receiving an increasing amount of attention is something for which we can be nothing but grateful. I believe it’s wonderful that we can now turn beauty into more than just the number that appears when you step on a scale. For far too long, women whose body types do not correspond to the fashion norm have been made to feel like second-class citizens, and I think it’s wonderful that we can now turn beauty into more than just a number.

In addition, as the demand for plus-size models has increased, there has been a corresponding increase in the representation of plus-size models of all imaginable ethnicities. Let’s have a look at these courageous women and their incredible sense of style, shall we?


Priscilla Katerena

This stunning woman, who shares The Rock’s Samoan heritage, was born in Samoa. The primary objective of this framework is to raise awareness that there is more to the concept of ethnicity than simply white, black, or exotic people. Priscilla intends to live her life in such a way that she can serve as an inspiration to younger generations of Samoan and Polynesian women and give them someone from their own culture to look up to or identify with.

Aarti Olivia

This Singaporean-Indian fashionista has a one-of-a-kind look that pretty much compels you to pay attention to her fashion choices and incorporate elements of her look into your own personal aesthetic. It’s good that she doesn’t shy away from wearing prints on her clothes that draw attention to themselves; she shouldn’t. She seems to have such a bright and bubbly attitude!

Bishamber Das

The fact that this plus-size model from the United Kingdom has Indian ancestry is blatantly obvious given her appearance. You may view all of her wonderful images on her Instagram profile, and they unmistakably demonstrate that she is, in point of fact, a pretty stylish young lady. When she isn’t inspiring people with her attire, she’ll inspire you with the beautiful places she’s travelled to.

Vivian Geeyang Kim

Vivian Geeyang Kim is the lady who is attempting to make body diversity a reality in Korean fashion. Her Instagram profile has the most aptly called name of any Instagram page ever. Even though it won’t be a simple job, we think this stunning woman can handle it!

Naomi Watanabe

The majority of people know Naomi Watanabe as the person primarily responsible for the establishment of Punyus, a Japanese label catering to ladies of a larger size. You can stay up with the latest information on both her record label and her personal life by following her on Instagram, just as everyone else these days does. Since she is, in all honesty, really entertaining, it is definitely worthwhile to follow her at the very least for that reason.

Veronica Pome’e

Veronica, who also has an Instagram page, shares Priscilla Katerena’s Polynesian ancestry and is also known as “why yes, she does have an Instagram page, thanks for asking.” She spends her time, when she is not busy telling the world that you do not need to be the thickness of a wrist in order to appear stylish, helping others achieve self-love and empowerment. Who else is working to make the world a better place if not this woman?

Tinder Badhesha

This Punjabi-Sikh model has worked her way up in the fashion industry to the point that she was able to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week. She is a person that speaks with a lot of openness on her Instagram account, and as a result, she is able to inspire with more than just her looks!

Allison Teng

Allison is most likely the woman on this list who has the best sense of style, and you will never see her in an outfit that does not make her seem like the very best version of herself. You are able to keep up with most parts of her life by reading her blog, which of course includes images of her most recent outfits.

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