Here are eight things about Melania Trump that you most likely aren’t aware of.

Following in the footsteps of the more outspoken Michelle Obama, we now have a different kind of First Lady. Melania Trump is not even comparable to Michelle Obama in any manner, and she plays a significantly less role in her husband’s administration than Michelle did. She is frequently seen standing next to or close to Donald Trump, although she hardly never gives public speeches or expresses her ideas in front of large audiences.

Melania Trump

This, of course, also indicates that there is a great deal about Melania that we are not yet aware of. Let’s have a look at a few of the things about the First Lady of the United States that you most likely were not aware of.

An Expensive Flavour

Melania Trump’s wedding dress was a hand-made work of craftsmanship that cost $200,000, which demonstrates just how elite her taste is. If you’re married to Donald Trump, money is hardly ever an issue, but the fact that it was a piece of craftsmanship shows just how exclusive Melania’s taste is. In addition to this, the wedding in question was the notorious wedding that took place recently and to which the Clintons were also invited and attended.

Having Knowledge of Languages

Melania was able to pick up languages all over the world because to her career as a model, which allowed her to visit many different countries. She is proficient in the Slovene, English, French, and Italian languages, and she also has a good working knowledge of the Serbo-Croatian and German languages.


Despite the fact that Melania enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and has a fondness for luxury things, she does volunteer her time at charitable organisations on occasion. She has served as an ambassador of goodwill for the Red Cross, and she has also been a participant in the Police Athletic League.

No Nanny

Melania Trump has never employed the services of a nanny while she has been raising Barron, despite the fact that she has more than enough money to pay for one if she so chooses. She is unwavering in her conviction that the time spent with a child is among the most valuable of a parent’s responsibilities.


Melania Trump was really baptised in a Catholic church even before she was born, despite the fact that she was born in Slovenia at a period when the country was under the rule of the League of Communists. Because of this, she is the first person to live in the White House who is a practising Catholic since the Kennedys.

Young Starter

Everyone is aware that Melania used to have a successful modelling career, but few people realise that she began her career at the little age of five. This was primarily owing to the fact that her mother designed patterns for clothing, thus she was essentially immersed in the fashion industry from the time she was born.


In spite of the fact that Melania has a background in modelling, she is not as tall as one might anticipate. She is barely 5 feet 11 inches tall, which is around the same height as First Lady Michelle Obama.


She does not consider Muse to be her favourite band. At least not that we are aware of right now. “Muse” is actually the name that Melania Trump uses when she interacts with the Secret Service. According to the custom, the name of the business must begin with the same letter as that of the president, which is “Mogul.”

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