Green Nail Ideas for Short and Long Nails — See Photos

Whether green is your favorite color or you’re trying to conjure up some good luck, the perfect way to wear it with style is on your nails. Green nails have never been more popular and there are countless hues — like sage, olive, and forest — to choose from. “Green is a dominant color in nature, provoking feelings of growth and peace,” says nail artist Jaz Moger, who gravitates toward a rich matcha. After a tumultuous last few years, it makes sense that many are choosing the color for their manicures.

Green can be worn with chrome finishes and embellishments, but if you’re looking for something subtle, Moger recommends a French tip or a simple dot of the color on a neutral base. And whether you’ve got short nails or acrylic extensions, there’s a look out there for you. 

Ahead, check out 23 green manicures to spark inspiration for your next salon visit. And if you’re not heading to the salon anytime soon, there are even some nail art designs to try at home here.  

1. Jade crystals 

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