Ena Saha Photos!

Ena Saha Photos

Ena Saha Photos: Ena Saha is an Indian Actress who predominantly appears in Bengali films and television shows. Ena Saha has appeared in several Bengali TV serials including Raat Bhor Bristi, Bo Katha Kau and Bandhan.
Ena Saha has appeared in several commercial and art-house Bengali and Malayalam films. Ena Saha made her film debut with the Bengali film ‘Ami Aadu’ directed by Somnath Gupta. Ena Saha played the role of Nishi in the film ‘at 1:30’. The film was critically acclaimed at several film festivals. In 2013, Ena Saha appeared in the Malayalam film Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi where she played the character named Gauri.

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What is the Marital Status of Ena Saha? Who is Ena Saha’s Husband?

Ena Saha is Unmarried. 

What is Ena Saha’s Age and Ena Saha’s Date of Birth?

Ena Sahais 29 Years Old, Ena Saha’s Date of Birth is 28 May 1992.

What is Ena Saha’s Height?

Ena Saha’s Height is 157 cm, 5 feet 2 Inch.

What is Ena Saha’s Annual Income?

Ena Saha’s net worth is approximately 3-5 Million Per Year.

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