Emraan Hashmi Photos!

Emraan Hashmi Photos

Emraan Hashmi Photos: Emraan Hashmi is an Indian film Actor, who predominantly works in Hindi films. Emraan Hashmi is known for his daring film choices and this is the reason why he has got the title of ‘serial kisser’ in Bollywood. Emraan Hashmi’s film career started with Vikram Bhatt’s film ‘Footpath’.

Most of Emraan Hashmi’s movies have been above average. Emraan has worked in films like Murder, Gangster, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, The Dirty Picture, Jannat 2 etc. Hashmi has been honored with ‘Filmfare Award’ 3 times for his excellent performances. Imran married Parveen Sahni in 2006. Ayaan Hashmi is the son of Emraan and Parveen.

Emraan Hashmi has a 3.3 Millon Followers on Instagram.

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What is the Marital Status of Emraan Hashmi? Who is Emraan Hashmi’s Wife?

Emraan Hashmi is Married. Emraan Hashmi’s wife is Parveen Sahni

What is Emraan Hashmi’s Age and Emraan Hashmi’s Date of Birth?

Emraan Hashmiis 42 Years Old,  Emraan Hashmi’s Date of Birth is 24 March 1979           

What is Emraan Hashmi’s Height?

Emraan Hashmi’s Height is 173 cm, 5 feet 8 Inch

What is Emraan Hashmi’s Annual Income?

Emraan Hashmi’s Approx Annual income is 105 Crore  Per Year.

Let’s have a look at Emraan Hashmi Photos 

Emraan Hashmi’s shirtless photo


Emraan Hashmi’s dashing photo


Emraan Hashmi’s funny photo


Emraan Hashmi with wife


Emraan Hashmi’s super hot photo



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