Celebrities Who Have Their Body Parts Insured

If you have a lot of money, this indicates that you probably have some sort of talent that is responsible for making you a lot of money. Although this can include things like intelligence or technological acumen, unique musical talent, or aesthetic vision, for some people, it is at least partially related to their body. This is the case for at least some people.

It is a sign of extreme vanity to insure any part of your body, but believe it or not, there is a long list of celebrities who have done just that, including some of the most bizarre body parts imaginable. Let’s have a peek.


Rihanna – Legs
It is common knowledge that she enjoys flaunting her legs in her glitzy dresses; nevertheless, it would appear that she is so fond of her legs that she has decided to purchase insurance for them in the amount of one million dollars. Ri-Ri darling, you are so much more than a set of legs—granted, they are amazing legs—in fact, you are so much more.

Legs and Voice is a song by Mariah Carey.

I swore to you that the names on this list won’t include every famous person who has their legs insured. But in addition to that, I’ll also let you know that this won’t be the final one. For obvious reasons, Mariah insured her voice for 35 million dollars, while she covered the staggeringly high cost of a billion dollars for her legs. Not only does this make Mariah’s legs the priciest body parts in the world, but it also indicates that the singer places a value on her legs that is thirty times greater than the value she places on her voice. What?

Hands is a song by Keith Richards.

What does one do when they are not only one of the most iconic guitarists of their generation, but also of the generation that came before them (maybe even three generations, he’s that old)? You get a two million dollar liability insurance policy on your hands. It makes sense to me given that this individual has been a member of the Rolling Stones for as long as anyone can remember the band playing guitar. Without his hands, that would be difficult.

Tongue is a song by Miley Cyrus.

It appears that this started happening after she started sticking out her tongue in public so frequently, and it eventually became something of a hallmark for her. I have no notion how these things function, and I haven’t been hip to what’s happening for literally decades, so I have no concept how these things work. Anyway, she got a million dollar tongue insurance policy just in case some unforeseen event would left her unable to… stick her tongue out at people.

Song by Taylor Swift titled “Legs”

You really believed that we had finished dealing with the legs, didn’t you? Wrong! In a move that exemplifies the real feminist spirit of our time, in which influential women have come to the conclusion that, despite the fact that they are artists, their most distinguishing trait is their legs, Taylor swift had her legs insured for forty million dollars. In her defence, this should be taken with a grain of salt because it is all based on an Instagram post where she posted a picture of her damaged leg and said her cat owed her 40 million dollars. In this post, she also claimed that her cat was responsible for the injury.

Chest Hair is a song by Tom Jones.

This man isn’t scared to admit that he comes from a period in history when men were expected to have beards and act like real men. It would appear that he was bothered by the fact that female fans attempted to pluck his breast hair, so he insured it for no less than $3.5 million. After writing this story, I find that I have a lot of questions.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Legs

At long last, someone who protects their legs with insurance and really turns their legs into a profitable business. What’s the worst aspect about it all? They only have insurance coverage for ninety million dollars. Let me get this straight: the worth of the legs of the football player who will probably end up being the most scoring striker in the history of football is insured for not even one tenth of the price that a pop singer from the 1990s does. Let me restate that: the value of the legs of the football player who will probably end up being the most scoring striker in the history of football. Kids, that right there is the problem with the world.

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