BLACKPINK member Jennie offers her apologies for having to leave the concert in the middle and thanks the audience for their support.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jennie had to leave the concert in the middle of the performance; nonetheless, she took the time to express her sincere regret and gratitude to the audience for their steadfast support during this difficult period. By Amrita Ghosh


Jennie, a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, has extended a sincere apology to the audience for abandoning the stage in the middle of the BORN PINK Melbourne concert on June 11. The sudden departure caused fans to be alarmed, but Jennie’s management agency, YG Entertainment, later revealed that the singer’s health had deteriorated and that she was currently recovering from her injuries. Jennie wrote a brief letter on her Instagram account in which she expressed her disappointment that she would not be able to finish the show and thanked fans for their understanding and support during this difficult time. The show was cancelled due to Jennie’s illness.

Jennie did not show up for the soundcheck session that took place before the event. Another member, Rose, indicated that this was because she was resting in order to preserve her strength for the major performance. Jennie first believed that she could make it through the entirety of the event; nevertheless, when her health deteriorated, she was forced to make the tough decision to exit the stage.

In an official statement, YG Entertainment expressed their regret to Jennie’s many devoted followers and emphasised their artist’s resolve to continue performing till the very end. However, once the agency had gotten the doctor’s recommendation, they moved quickly to ensure that Jennie received the essential amount of rest and stability.

As a happy coincidence, these occurrences took place at the same time when rumours circulated about Jennie maybe becoming involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. YG Entertainment has addressed the rumours that she will be joining Team Agents of Atlas by stating that they are not true. Jennie made her debut as an actress in the recently released episode of “The Idol,” an international online series, in which she co-starred with The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp.

Fans are genuinely concerned about Jennie’s health, and her apology serves as a reminder of the commitment and effort that she puts into her performances. During this time when she is working hard to improve her health, the love and compassion shown to her by her followers definitely mean everything in the world to her.

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