7 Most Heartless Celebrity Splits

Being a celebrity is unbelievable! You are paid well, can afford to purchase stupid luxury items, and your fans adore you, but there is an obvious downside — if something goes wrong in your personal life, the Internet will surely scream about it the following day. Celebrities have practically no privacy when it comes to their romantic relationships, but reading about your breakup in a random article is too cruel.

Here are the most cruel celebrity splits!

7 Most Heartless Celebrity Splits

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron

In 2015, the beautiful Charlize Theron was dating Sean Penn, and they were planning to marry, but something went awry. Eventually, she ceased answering Sean’s phone calls and text messages for no apparent reason. Penn reportedly attempted to contact her for several weeks, but ultimately “got the message.” Surely there was more to it, but we will never know.

The actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

In 2010, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met while filming The Rum Diary. They began dating in 2012, and had a covert wedding in February 2015. What could possibly go wrong? Heard filed for divorce in May of the same year, accusing her spouse of alcoholism and domestic violence. The actor paid his ex-wife $7 million, which she promised to donate to charity, as a consequence of this massive court case.

The fashion models Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz

2014 marked the beginning of the celebrities’ on-again, off-again relationship. Two years later, they separated before reconciling shortly thereafter. But it was evidently over when, in 2018, Brooklyn announced that he and Chloe were over after being discovered kissing a hot young model, Lexi Wood. It’s unfortunate that Chloe learned about it from the paparazzi.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Early in 2016, Rob and Blac began an affair, and in April they announced their engagement. We soon discovered that they were already pregnant. However, the youthful parents separated one month after the birth of their daughter Dream. Chyna sent Rob a steamy video of her kissing another man as well as a message claiming that Rob had assaulted her. The fact that this wasn’t the first time she’d strayed on him came as a shock to him, but he soon learned that this wasn’t the first time she’d had an affair. According to reports, Blac slept with eight different men within one month!

Neither Rihanna and Chris Brown

This violent, abusive relationship has been discussed numerous times, but it will never be acceptable to forget about it. Before the 2009 Grammy Awards, in a fit of jealousy, Chris Brown beat his two-year girlfriend, Rihanna, in the vehicle. The singer shrieked, called for assistance, and attempted to flee, but Chris struck her in the face and head before choking her. Rihanna was hospitalised and subsequently lodged a lawsuit against Chris. Brown was consequently sentenced to six months of community service and a five-year suspended sentence.

Sean Penn And Madonna

The four-year marriage between Sean Penn and Madonna was one of the most scandalous in Hollywood history. She was subjected to repeated severe beatings, and on one occasion, Sean tied her to a radiator with a cord and used a baseball bat to batter her. This relationship must be the most abusive on the list. Thankfully, they divorced in 1989.

Jennifer Lopez And Ojani Noa

Jennifer encountered her first husband in a Miami restaurant where he was employed as a waiter. In February 1997, the couple wed, but a year later they divorced because the man attempted to extort the singer. He demanded $5 million, threatening to reveal private details regarding their relationship. Therefore, he never received the money, and the court prohibited him from ever discussing his relationship with Jennifer.

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