7 Famous People Who Shouldn’t Be Driving

Today, learning to operate a car is one of the most fundamental skills a person of any social standing can acquire. Sure, some fidelity and memorization of a few principles are necessary, but even a child can floor the gas pedal and pass everyone on the highway. For some reason, the wealthier you are, the more reckless a driver you become, which is why many celebrities employ personal chauffeurs for shopping and attending events.

Regrettably, some celebrities believe that the law was not written for them, and they repeatedly violate it. Here are some of the most dangerous celebrity drivers you should avoid.

  1. Justin Bieber

Remember when Bieber was captured drag racing while under the influence? A 19-year-old “star” with no licence and a rented Lamborghini who believed the world was his domain. This incident will eternally loom over Bieber’s shoulder, despite the fact that he paid his debt and a $50,000 fine. JB posted a remark on this situation in January of last year, stating that he was “hurting, unhappy, confused, angry, misled, misunderstood, and angry at god.”

  1. DMX

Earl Simmons, also known as DMX, has a criminal record that includes assault, narcotic possession, and animal cruelty. He has never been a model citizen. Consequently, multiple “reckless driving” allegations do not seem unreasonable. In fact, DMX was captured driving without a licence so frequently that people began to question whether he even had one. Add multiple DUI charges and impersonating an FBI agent, and you have a real-life Grand Theft Auto character. Sadly, DMX perished at age 50 of a heart attack in 2021.

7 Famous People Who Shouldn't Be Driving
  1. Kylie Jenner

If you believed that texting or taking selfies while travelling was dangerous, you would be entirely correct. Kylie has been observed engaging in this behaviour on multiple occasions, but it worsens. Two weeks after receiving her driver’s licence, the young celebrity was involved in an auto accident. Kylie’s SUV collided with a poor Toyota, causing it to swerve into the rear of a parked vehicle. Ms. Jenneg received a few speeding citations and other minor infractions until the day her brand-new Range Rover was rear-ended by a stranger. At least she wasn’t to blame for this one, right?

  1. Amanda Bynes

Two years after her last acting role in the 2010 comedy “Easy A,” Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence and subsequently charged with two separate hit-and-run incidents. After that, Amanda spiralled out even further, posting inappropriate tweets, starting a fire, and spending five months in a psychiatric ward. Shortly after regaining her licence, Bynes received another DUI.

5. Paris Hilton

From one of the most salacious celebrities of the 2000s to one of the most renowned DJs of the past decade, Paris Hilton has come a long way. However, her name appears on this list for a purpose. In September of 2006, our protagonist imbibed and hit the road. Thankfully, she was quickly arrested by LAPD. Her sentence was reduced to a few months of probation and a substantial fine. However, it took Paris an entire month to get into difficulty once more. This time, she was arrested for violating the terms of her probation. After only three days in jail, Hilton was instead placed under house arrest.

If you thought she had learned her lesson, let me dispel that notion immediately. Since 2006, Paris Hilton has received an additional six driving infractions, which is not terrible but also not remarkable.

  1. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez appears to have merged her real-life persona with that of her badass “Fast & Furious” character, Letty Ortiz. In 2003, Rodriguez was stopped for driving with a suspended licence, leaving the scene of an accident, and, of course, DUI. This conduct resulted in a 48-hour prison sentence and three years of probation. However, there is more! In 2005, she received multiple speeding citations, and in 2006 she was arrested for DUI and probation violation. Instead of serving 60 days in prison, she served only four hours. In 2007, Michele again violated traffic laws while still on probation, and she was sentenced to 18 days in jail. She probably just enjoys living on the brink.

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is notorious for her run-ins with the law. Since 2007, when she was pulled over for DUI, LiLo has been volatile. Shortly thereafter, she was arrested for DUI while her licence was suspended. Lindsay was sentenced to one day in prison, community service, and rehabilitation for this transgression. She did not make an effort to maintain these terms and tumbled off the waggon once more. After that, she began making frequent visits to rehab, and in 2012, a judge ended her probation for the 2007 DUI. However, this did not prevent Lindsay from purportedly hitting a person twice with her vehicle. Lohan was eventually released from probation in 2015, and everything has been peaceful ever since.

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