10 of the Strangest and Most Repulsive Habits Practised by Hollywood Stars

In the wild world we live in today, having celebrity status can make a person feel almost invincible to harm. However, it is possible that the fact that some Hollywood stars don’t even care about basic cleanliness, let alone their other peculiar habits, will come as a surprise to you. A word of caution: you won’t be able to erase this information from your memory. Sorry about that. Be careful, because some of these revelations can make you dislike some of your favourite celebrities.

Hollywood Stars

Jessica Alba

Jessica has never had much of an interest in avian life. On the contrary, she is very petrified of those dangerous birds with their feathers. However, in the film “Good Luck Chuck,” she played an ornithologist who worked with penguins at the zoo, which shows how courageous she can be.

Brad Pitt

One of the most well-known figures in all of Hollywood is Bradley Cooper. Even though he is loved by millions of people all over the world, he is not flawless in any way. During one of the interviews, he stated that he picks his ears and nose on a regular basis. In his defence, we all do it, right?

Orlando Bloom

Eyewitnesses have stated that Bloom can wear the same clothing for months at a time without washing them, that he rarely takes showers, and that he even lets his dog lie in his bed. There are others who believe that the divorce between him and Miranda Kerr was brought on by his filthy habits.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has admitted that she only brushes her teeth three times per week, which is a filthy little secret that she keeps hidden behind her stunning smile. She said that she finds her newly cleaned teeth to be excessively smooth, and that’s why she prefers to use her shirt rather than a toothbrush to wipe her teeth once she’s finished.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP previously revealed that she has a problem stopping herself from biting the inside of her cheek. She continued to nibble on those cheeks for decades despite the fact that she had bitten off pieces of flesh, despite the fact that it was painful and uncomfortable. I’m curious as to whether or not she continues to do that even when no one is watching.

David Beckham

When he gets anxious, David Beckham is incapable of keeping control of his actions, and if he is sitting on the bench during a football game, he will likely start biting his nails.

Robbie Williams

The British singer is known for her heavy smoking habits. During the performance that Robbie was giving in Moscow, he ordered that there be six ashtrays in the hotel room, four ashtrays in the dressing room, three ashtrays next to the stage, and two fire extinguishers backstage. That’s a whole lot of cigarettes!

She is Britney Spears.

Chewing on one’s fingernails is a habit shared by many people, not just David Beckham. This unpleasant practise is also one that Britney Spears is guilty of having. At least she had that ability in the past. At this point, she has it more or less under control, although she still indulges in it every once in a while. And I’m sure that both she and David have found the year 2020 to be quite a challenge.

Justin Timberlake

Timberlake isn’t perfect, and one of his shortcomings is that he has a hidden passion for gold-digging. Nose picking is what I have in mind when I say this, of course. According to Justin, this is one of his most destructive habits, and he makes an effort each and every day to break free from it.

Scarlett Johansson

Do you remember how Scarlett’s voice had a husky quality to it, as if she had been smoking a lot? It turns out that she has been smoking those cigarettes in such a way that is comparable to binge-watching a new season of the Mandalorian. In point of fact, Scarlett smokes so frequently that numerous complaints have been lodged against her by her neighbours.

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